Anette 6 – Bending for Him

Sliding on pink thongs, over her silky smooth legs, over her soft bubbly butt. A pink bra and a causal red summer dress. Fixing her hair and putting make up, Anette is ready for the day.

Her hips moving playful as she walks through the streets, enjoying all the looks she’s getting from men. She’s going to her hypnotist’s office, she had visited him a few times before to help with studying.

Knocking on the door, a tall figure opens, a dark and a powerful figure, yet somehow happy and joyful. Its a middle aged man with short brown hair and light blue eyes. “Hello Anette, how are you today” he spoke with a deep voice.

“I’m great, thank you for asking” she responded with a smile and sat in the brown, comfortable chair she was already familiar with, crossing her legs. “Thats good” he responded, his voice, comfortable yet strong. “Last time you were here we worked on your learning ability for the exams, how did they go?”

“Very well, even better then I expected, it was easy, even fun” She said while having trouble to keep her eyes off the hypnotists pants, between that her eyes and looking at a side she was nervous, a little embarrassed. Its becoming harder to keep her eyes off him, his pants.

He was talking to her but all the words just passed through her, hearing yet not hearing anything, starting to really stare at his pants, completely mindless “are you ok” He asked.

Snapping out of it “ye-yes, yes sorry” she said just to snap in it again, completely mindless, words unconsciously flowing out of her mouth “please fuck me, please fuck my ass”

The hypnotist, surprised but not confused, a smile rose on his face. “Good girl” he said, as he was confident in what was going on, as he knew what was going on. She stood up and started to take her clothes off.

Lifting her dress slowly, over her hips, her bra, her head while he was watching every move she made, every part of her beautiful, smooth body. Unbottoning her bra and letting it fall on the floor, pulling her panties down.

She was completely naked right in front of him, he stood up, his fingers moving over her legs, touching her pussy, grasping her ass with the other hand, she was breathing heavier.

A look of anticipation and excitement on her face, she was still slightly nervous as he was touching her breasts, she touched his hand, squeezed it over her left breast. He led her to the office desk where she bent over, exposing her cute little butt and her pussy.

He got on his knees and started licking her pussy while grasping and spanking her ass, her breathing was getting heavier, she was enjoying every second of attention she was getting, every lick and every touch, not completely aware of what is going on.

With every lick he was moving to her anus, exactly what she wanted, releasing a moan when he licked it “ohh, fuck me” she said.

Moments later she felt the tip of his dick moving up and down between her pussy lips, getting on her anus, slowly pushing, she became less and less aware of what was happening, more and more aroused, completely overthrown by pleasure, a sex toy, moaning, she wants to please.

To Be Continued

Anette 5

Anette 7


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