Sunday Bliss 2

I taking her by hand, leading to the bed where I lay down on my back. I can see the excitement on her face as she pulls down my pants and gently starts licking. Her hands are moving all over my body.

She puts her lips around the tip of my dick, slowly sucking, filling me with pleasure. Watching her sway her hips, with a hand holding my balls, with her mouth moving over the top, dripping and sucking, swallowing.

I gently move my fingers through her almost gold hair, grasping and petting, pushing her head in and out. Her mouth is making a most delicious sound, slurping and catching breath.

Its a wonderful afternoon, her sucking out all the tension, nothing but pleasure is left, pleasure and a growing feeling of love as I pull her up and kiss her, wrapping my hands around her back, grasping her butt, licking her neck.

Her breathing is getting intense as I take all of her clothes off, pulling her to me, skin against skin we push and rub against each other. Arousal is at its peak now and I roll her over on her back, my dick on her pussy, moving up and down on it until it enters.

Enters and she grasps me tighter. I can feel the pleasure growing, flowing through her, flowing through me. In and out she moans. Kissing her neck I penetrate deeper, shes very warm and wet, both of us throbbing, holding tighter, clenching.

She lifts her legs up and I lay on them, my dick sucked in by her pussy she pushes against me, squeezing tighter I’m harder, shes moaning louder, slightly shaking, almost screaming, holding me tightly, the pain of her nails on my back make it easier to hold in.

Hold in for just a few seconds, she’s orgasming and I quickly pull out, moving to her mouth, with the tip of my dick, everything releasing, filling her mouth wit semen, every muscle in my body clenches.

She swallows and smiles, that perfect moment after an orgasm, completely perfect, its still there, relaxed I lay next to her, both facing each other and smiling. A kiss and gentle touches follow.

“Thank you” I said and she looks confusingly “Thank you for being here and now, in my life”I said and she smiled even more hugging me with her head on my chest. “No, thank you”

She looked around the room and grabbed the coffee from the table near the bed, covering us both as she laid on me again. “I thought you like your coffee black” I said, “I can go for a change”. Both of us drinking the coffee and just laying there, cuddling.

“I’m getting more and more addicted to her smile, I met her just a few weeks ago and now she’s here, here in my bed, her smile fulfills me, makes me happy, the way she talks and moves, the way she thinks and acts. More perfect the I ever thought could be, is this a new chapter in my life? No, in our life? I’m not going to let go of this, this that makes me know we belong next to each other” I thought with her head on my chest, both of us falling in deep sleep.

Sunday Bliss 1


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