Sunday Bliss

Claudia, a 24 year old beauty i met a few weeks ago is now in my apartment, its Sunday afternoon and we slept through the morning, another rainy day colors the sky in this smaller city in east europe.

Colors are foggy, dark and monotomius yet the sound of raindrops color our life with simplicity and beauty, colors that cannot be seen, colors that can only be felt.

I’m standing over the stow and waiting for the coffee to boil,satisfied and fulfiled from last night, excited and joyful that she is here.

She’s in my room waiting for me, taking cups out of the closet and poaring coffee in them. I could never drink it without milk like my old men did, it was just a counter-measure to make his life less bitter.

I like my coffee to be like my life, sweet and playful, joyful and happy, cups in both of my hands I head to my room where I see Claudia standing next to the window, she is really more beautiful then I could have ever imagined.

Her long smooth legs and a small bubble-butt covered in her black, tight boxers and a pink tank top that reaches right where the boxers begin, she’s standing straight and her long light brown, almost yellowish hair looks perfect even when its all messy like now

I put both cups on the brown table next to the bed, “black for you and with milk for me” I say as she turns around and looks at me with her beautiful hazel-green eyes and a smile on her face, a smile that i’ll never forget.

She says “thank you” as she turns back looking out of the window. I admire the inner beauty and joy that I saw in her eyes, knowing that she didn’t have much of a happy life, that she had more pain then anything else.

Reaching her from behind, placing my hands on her hips and moving up to her belly as I hug her, hug her and kiss her cheek, that smile is still on her face and i’m happy that it is. “I like your smile, I like it when you’re happy” she hears and turns around, placing her hands around my neck and kissing me.

My arms are still around her hips and I kiss her with a smile, hug her. Her lips are just below my neck. “Thank you” she said and started kissing my neck, getting on her toes to kiss and lick my ear as I feel her arms around me gripping stronger. She takes my shirt off and makes her way downwards with her kisses.

Sunday Bliss 2


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