Anette 5 – A Moanful Morning

Another day begins in London, sun glowing over the streets its 7am. Rolling around under warm blankets, over the comfortable bed, like waking up on a cloud with sunshine over her eyes, her face.

Her entire body covered in warmth and relaxation, the morning laziness of the muscles, sleepiness of the mind.

The only thing Anette is wearing are her light pink panties with a heart on the top. With a heart where your palm would be if you played with her clitoris with the top of your fingers.

A kind of panties that are light yet still tightly cover the top half of her warm and soft ass. Fingers gently sliding over it, playing around the edge of her panties.

She is topless yet warm, her nipples feel like a soft sheet, enjoying the feeling of her warm breath drifting on them.

Anette can reach her nipples with her lips and tongue and so she does, circulating around the nipple or sucking on it as her hand is more and more playful around her ass, on her ass, in her ass.

She slides her panties below her buttocks, an inch from her warm and wet pussy, so gentle and sensitive. With each touch the arousal is growing, with each breath the pleasure is growing.

Her fingers are laying over her pussy, moving in all directions, slow and fast, up and down..all around while shes holding her nipple in her mouth, sucking on it so it wont fall down, sucking on it so gently she can hardly moan but she does, a sound almost like a big hard something is in her mouth.

One hand from the front, the other from the back, both wet, both playing, spreading her pussylips and rubbing with her fingertips. Penetrating with two fingers, in and out, spreading and collecting.

Releasing her nipple, pointing up, wet and sensitive. She stuffs a finger in her mouth sucking it dry from all the pussy juice as the other hand, fingers reach her anus, rubbing around, rubbing inside you can hear a moan as her finger opens her anus.

A moan as she turns on her back and lifts her legs up, her knees next to her head, pushing the finger deeper and deeper, rubbing her pussy with the other hand at the same time.

Faster and faster, leading herself to another orgasm, stronger than the previous one and weaker then the next one.

Anal is starting to become a routine, an addiction, soft and gentle touches, firm and slow penetrations, faster and faster. Her pussy is completely wet, moving her fingers all around, water squirts from the edges of the skin, off her gentle pussy.

Anus throbbing, fingers moving, faster in and faster out, her muscles are tense, her mind is empty, moaning louder and louder. Moving her hips up and down along with with the sensual pleasure.

The moment of everything and nothing, the release of everything and nothing, groaning sensually, wrapped around an intense orgasm, vibrations on pleasure. Surge of energy.

Releasing everything. With her eyes looking outside the window she’s been just laying there for some moments, almost like in a trance, calm and satisfied.

Getting dressed and ready for the day, whipping off her pussy with a blue cotton towel, picking fresh clothes after such an intense morning, a good kind of intense. Its Thursday and theres a lot to do.

Anette 4

Anette 6


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