Have you been a good girl today?

She kissed me and spread her legs around mine, sitting on my lap I wrapped my hands around her, kissing her with a smile she placed her hands around my shoulder.

A ticklish sensation flowing through our bodies as I felt myself getting harder. My hands grasping her buttocks and pulling her closer, her hips next to mine, rubbing and pushing onto each other.

Gently kissing and licking her neck “oh, thats so good” she whispered and she pushed her right knee behind my hip, clenching harder I pulled the other knee in, the pressure in my pants getting harder as she rubs on me.

Pulling her shirt off her large firm breasts jiggled for a moment before I stuck my lips on her nipple, sucking on it and licking I could hear her slightly moaning.

“Have you been a good girl today” I asked as she was grinding up and down my crotch, slowly yet intensely, struggling to keep her shorts on for a little while “Of course not. I’ve been working this whole time. But I’ll love you making me a good girl now”She said with a slight moan.

“Thats alright, you’re being a good girl now” As I sway my hips up and down, rubbing harder, pressing harder, pushing right in her crotch, the pressure of it arousing yet I can’t wait to take my pants off, her pants off.

I stood up holding her legs, carrying to her to the bed and gently laying her down. Pressing even harder now as I lay on her, my mouth playing around her neck, kissing and licking, biting and teasing.

Her eyes started to slowly drift close, feeling my sensations, my touch, my motions, her forwardness slowly dwindling as she falls in my control. I can feel the sensations flowing through her, her intense breathing arousing me as I slowly move down with my tongue out, out and licking, licking everything, kissing everything.

Squeezing her breasts, kissing and licking her nipples just before I start to suck on them again, Sucking while I reach under her shorts with my hand.

She slowly arched into me, the compression of her shorts against her skin, a deep pressure she can’t get enough of as she gasps with her nipples erect, hot hard. Her hands lost clinging to my shoulders, as if she needed an anchor.

Slowly moving down I pulled her shorts off, leaving her in nothing but panties. I took her leg and kissed her cabs, kissing and licking my way to her panties. Reaching so close, kissing her inner thy I she moaned.

Moving to the other leg, teasing and playing with her. Her face was blushing, bitting and licking her lips.

My hot, wet lips kissed the top of her panties, I felt how wet they are, holding her hands and kissing her clit, kissing every few seconds she was gasping, holding my hands tighter and tighter.

Pulling her panties off her, off her buttocks, slowly sliding over her legs I moved up on her, lips on lips, a hand in her hair, pushing my hips In and out, my pants getting more and more wet. My dick harder and harder. Beautiful sensations of her naked skin, of her hot breath on my lips.

She gently rakes her nails up my side, flowing like water before clutching my back, bringing me closer to her, her feet locking behind my ass.

My pants are off now, swaying our hips more and more, we continue to kiss and touch, laying on her completely naked she moans gently as my dick rubs against her pussy with its full length, up and down completely wet and hard.

“Do me” she said.


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