Anette 4 – Always a new orgasm

Completely naked on the couch with her legs wide spread. With her eyes closed she is looking at the man standing in front of her, he is naked too and rock hard. Spacing out in the moment with her anal jewelry in action this fantasy is more real then any other so far.

This fantasy and her needs are getting so strong, how did she end up here? How are the past few days in blanks, blanks between the anal pleasure and fantasy that seems to be going on from one minute to another, from one day to another.

Everything in a perfect mist, confusing yet dazzling, lovely yet scary. Reality is escaping, what is real at this point? However you look at it, whatever you think of it, isn’t reality simply what we see and hear, what we think and believe.

Isn’t this fantasy perfectly real in its imperfection, taking the plug in and out, biting her lip. The man in front of her deeply inside and completely out. Her breath whimpering, struggling in the pleasure.

Sunshine made its way through the clouds and into Anette’s living room. Lighting it up, every corner of the room, every corner of her mind. Completely in and out. The man grabs a hold on her legs, lifting them up, stretching her ass even more as he slides in gently.

Her anus is throbbing on the very tip of his dick. So very wet he pushes further and further, in all the anticipation she pushes her hips on to him, sliding all the way in, stretched and moaning “yes, yes thats it!”.

She can feel his balls pounding her butt-cheeks with each swing he makes, with each time he pulls her legs to get deeper. The erotic sensuality pushes away everything but the fantasy. The fantasy dissolving all reality that once was.

Moments sliding further in this timeless place, leading both to an orgasm, grunts and moans everywhere as he fucks her faster. Her anus clenching, his dick throbbing, moaning faster “oh, oh, oh, oh”

And there it was, completely gone, everything. All she could hear is herself moaning from the outer world, her body clenching like she is struggling to get out of her body but the only struggle was to keep that moment going and going.

Every muscle in her body is tense, shaking, screaming, mindless, absolute pleasure and she just falls there, covered in sweat. No need to open her eyes, no need to move. Still like a statue, a deep relaxation overflows her.

The cold air around her wet body wakes her up, hours have passed, night has come. Still very sleepy she walks to the bed, covering herself with a blanket and another one. A smile on her lovely petite face her hair is a mess.

Laying there, comfortably numb, warm and peaceful. Completely dark in her room “its been so long, months, perhaps years. All this time I was running around doing errands, devoting my time to others.”

“And in all the mess I forgot how beautiful and simple life can be, just laying here makes everything seem so perfect. Devoting time to myself seems so perfect”.

To be continued …

Anette 3

Anette 5


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