Anette 3 – A Fantasy

Anette finds herself taking an unusual path to get home, stumbling upon a sex shop. The thought of it is so arousing now, curious about it she bites her lover lip and looks around to make sure no one she knows see her.

Walking in to a beautiful view of all the toys spread apart in the shop, looking around the store her heart is racing, biting her lips harder she breaths heavier.

Red, black, pink, yellow, green dildos, plugs, anal jewelry. All of it a little overwhelming as she grabs a dildo and a beautiful glass anal plug with black and green decorations. Tribal, almost ancient design. Walking to the cashier her cheeks blush, turned red almost instantly.

“You have a beautiful taste” the mid aged female cashier said. Her long black hair, a dragon tattoo and a piercing on her lips showed Anette that she is open minded, nothing to be ashamed of but still she looks down slightly nodding her head.

“Its alright, completely natural” the cashier said as she gave Anette a bag with the dildo and the plug she bought.“Perhaps I’ll see you here again”. “Thank you” Anette said with a shy smile.

Arriving home she puts the toys on the table, unpacking them and just staring with a slight smile on her face, her right hand unconsciously moving over her breast, unconsciously playing with her nipples.

She lays on the couch with her legs wide spread, her jeans pressing along her pussy and ass as she slowly touches, slowly unbottoning her shirt and drifting off into a fantasy.

A fantasy well crafted yet new, there is a man there, a topless man in his shorts, short black hair, standing there and looking at her as she gently plays. Noticing something on her forehead “slut” the dark tint says “no, whore” Anette says.

“your anal whore” as she looks at the man and takes off her shirt, exposing her mid-size firm breasts and her nipples, erect and hard. Her white silky skin and her fingers slowly moving around, around her nipples and belly, licking her lips as she gets more turned on with each breath she takes.

He is just standing there and looking at her as she unbottons her jeans, pulling them down along with her panties, her pussy clean and fresh as she haven’t played with it in a while. He can see that its dripping a little, drops sliding down to her anus.

She reaches her pussy with her hand as she is squeezing her breasts with the other one. Moving her two fingers at the top, sliding her palm over her pussy, she bites her lip slightly moaning as her middle finger penetrates her pussy.

Moving her legs up in the air, knees almost near her breasts she holds her leg with her arm from the inside to stretch even more, stretching her pussy and she goes deeper with her finger still looking at the man, looking as he looks at her.

Moving her palm over her pussy and her finger slides out, completely wet, warm. Moving her hand down to slide the finger in her anus, in and out, she is drooling, slightly moaning. She snaps out of it and takes the anal jewelry she bought today from the table, putting it in her mouth as she sees the man again and smiles.

Moving it in and out of her mouth, spitting all over it, getting it wet and she puts the tip of the toy on her anus. Slightly penetrating in and out, stretching more and more she moans with a smile. “Come, come to me” she says to the man,

And as she penetrates deeper getting it almost completely inside, the man drops his pants, comes closer and lifts her legs up in the air. His huge white cock, hard and ready. She takes the toy all the way out and as he starts to enter her, she moans, moans putting the toy all the way in again.

To be continued…

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