Anette 2 – Going Deeper

Its still raining heavily and Anette has no desire to go anywhere as soon as she woke up around 9am, thinking about the day before and how it was possible to orgasm from anal she can’t help but to get aroused.

Touching herself again but knowing that today she’ll finger her pussy just to get her fingers wet for the ass, and as she does the pleasure pussy once gave her seems meaningless now and she reaches for her anus again, sliding her finger in and completely overthrown by the pleasure. The pleasure that seems much bigger then yesterday.

Fingering her ass deeper and faster then ever, working herself to an intense orgasm, waves of pleasure and relaxation overtake her and in all that perfection her mind is completely puzzled and confused “it feels so great, so odd but so great I wish I had done it before”.

Throughout the day Anette is starting to realize it is hard to resist, resist the pleasure of her wet fingers in her ass, can’t help but to rub a little every chance she gets, and the more she does it the more she needs to do it, finding herself in the bed again, bent over and penetrating.

Laying in bed before sleep she is restless and all she wants to do is to play, play and moan like never before, her cheeks blushing, moaning and squealing with each breath she takes as her anus is stretched wider and wider.

Falling asleep after an orgasm is such a delight, so wonderful that she woke up with two fingers in her ass and as she pulls them out slowly pleasure and pain overtake her, such a relief as they exit, such a relief in her throbbing anus, moaning not long after she woke up.

It slightly hurts when she is sitting, even when just walking, its such a pleasurable pain for Anette, constantly keeping her aroused. “oh, whats happening to me, oh, the pleasure, so much, so good”

Getting more and more use to the idea that she’s an anal slut, not having many boyfriends in her vanilla life, certainly not many kinky ones makes it more confusing no matter how perfect it seems. The desire of a cock between her butt-cheeks, the desire to be satisfied with more then just fingers.

The rainy weekend is over, its time for classes again as the sunlight shines over London. Its warm and fresh, Anette finds herself wanting to stay home but she knows she has to go, always had been a good student.

Across of her in the classroom is a guy she always thought is attractive, in fact she had and still has many fantasies involving him, but this time drifting off and fantasizing is different, this time her ass aches, this time she wants drop her panties for him and stretch her ass as it would give so much pleasure.

She smiles to herself as the thought of him penetrating her pussy comes to mind. “Perhaps only a little bit” she says to herself.

Being naturally shy with guys, only the fantasy has changed. A fantasy that is more real then before, stronger and needier. And as their eyes meet, glance upon each other almost as if he read her thoughts, he smiled and looked away. Her heart beating faster while she can feel her cheeks blushing

He looked at her right in the moment where she was taking him in the ass in her mind, her naughty and kink thoughts distracting her from the class, she is eager for it to end, perhaps he will talk to her, perhaps she can touch him.

Anette 1

Anette 3


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