Anette – Something New

Its another rainy day in London, the exam season is finally over and Anette has some time for herself after so long, just getting out of bed seems unacceptable as its almost 10am.

All the relaxation and pleasure of just laying in a warm bed reminds her that it’s been so long since she enjoyed herself, that it’s been so long since she enjoyed at all. Just laying there, gently moving her fingers over her belly brings exciting and arousing thoughts

Wearing her comfy pink panties and a bed time t-short she completely gives in to the pleasure, each breath arousing her more and more, with each breath touching herself more and more.

Her warm hand makes its way to her natural and modest-size breast, gently squeezing, her mind is clear of all distractions and she squirms while playing with her nipples, almost as if she forgotten all of the pleasures of touching herself or getting touched by a gentle hand.

No more thoughts are needed as she satisfies her urge to slide her hand under the panties, just gently touching and teasing while waves of erotic pleasure surge her body.

Circulating her hand as she presses two fingers on her clitoris, her entire body becoming so warm and hot. Her palm moves over her clitoris and her fingers slides in her pussy, hearing herself moaning silently brings her even more pleasure.

Fingering herself faster and faster she says to her self with a trembling voice “thats enough of foreplay”. Taking her panties down so fast, not even aware of it, pulls her shirt of and lays on the side, on her hip placing her hand over her ass and penetrates again with her fingers, her other hand is touching her neck, playing with her nipples.

The pleasure grows more and more as she fingers herself and an idea comes to her mind, she tried anal a few times, always giving her a slight boost even if it did hurt a little, she slides her hand up, over her ass and starts rubbing her anus with her dripping wet fingers, at her surprise it feels even better then she remembers.

It feels almost like a second clit and without a single doubt she pushes her finger in gently. her deep breaths trembling from excitement and pleasure as she pushes deeper and faster, switching her finger between her pussy and anus for a few moments.

Its odd how much pleasure anal gives her now but its certainly not a time to question with her becoming more and more mindless, giving in completely. Its brings her closer and closer to the big finish.

Fingering her anus more and more, faster and deeper, her body clenches, squeezing every muscle in her body while a surge of pleasure fills her mind, complete erotic exstacy, completely overtaking her in an orgasm, strong and lasting.

She lays there, almost overheating, her neck cheeks are red and she’s mindlessly staring at the wall, regaining consciousness and with a smile on her face, her finger is still deep in her anus and slightly painful as she slowly pulls it out.

A bit confused and overwhelmed she dresses up and goes to the kitchen to make coffee, sitting on the chair hurts her a little but its a good kind of pain, a pain mixed with pleasure:”i only tried anal a few times and it was never as intense, never as strong and beautiful” Anette thinks to herself and goes into her day satisfied and confused.

Anette 2


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